• 3 Fast Tips to Help Increase Your YouTube Viewers

    3 Fast Tips to Help Increase Your YouTube Viewers

    Getting a YouTube channel noticed nowadays is difficult. There is a huge amount of competition, traffic often goes to those channels that are popular and YouTube does not help when it avoids putting smaller channels in its search results.


    These three fast tips will help you increase your YouTube viewers to such an extent, though, your channel will quickly begin to grow.


    Always talk about liking and sharing videos -- Make sure you ask your viewers to like your videos, to share them and to subscribe to your channel on every video you produce.


    While this may seem like overkill to some people, if you do not, you will discover your videos do not get the views they deserve. Few new people will follow you either.


    Remind people that liking and sharing your videos helps your channel, however, and if they love what you do many people are happy to help you get more recognition.


    Pay attention to your keywords -- Be sure to choose keywords that are appropriate to the material of the video you are uploading. These are very important when YouTube decides where in search results a video should be placed, so make sure you choose accurate words.


    Never use keywords that have no connection to your video content either, as YouTube will find out and will then penalize your channel.


    Share your own videos -- Whether you have a Twitter account, a Facebook page or an Instagram account, be sure to share all of your videos as you upload them to YouTube. That way friends, family and followers will know you have a new video out and will watch it.


    The more places your videos appear, the more likelihood there is that other people will discover them, and the bigger and more popular your YouTube channel will grow.


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